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Game Scheduling and Referee System


Circuit Configuration ( S11-17-FALL )

SAR: 11 / /

Circuit Scheduler Email:
Note: This is who people will contact when they have schedule issues/questions

Who should get ALL game edit and cancelation emails?
Note: This is also configurable in your Region Configuration

Who should get ALL match report emails?
Note: This is also configurable in your Region Configuration

Homepage Information - Everyone Can See This!

We are working on the Post-Season Tournament schedules now.
First priority will be "Qualifying Rounds."

Qualifying Rounds are posted here:  

You will see small adjustments to some teams' points in the standings.    
This is how we break ties in the standings.  Nobody will show as tied after we are done with this step.
Tiebreakers were published in the Extra Program Guidelines:  head-to-head, goals allowed, goal differential (max 3 per match). 

QUALIFYING ROUND: Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Arbor Park in Los Alamitos. Match schedules are posted under "S11-17-Fall-T". All games will be regulation length for the age group and must have a winner. Matches tied at the end of regulation time will go straight to FIFA kicks from the penalty mark with the players on the field at the end of regulation. 


Welcome to the Fall 2017 Season!

AYSO Section 11 Extra

MatchTrak is a game scheduling, standings and self-referee reservation system that was built exclusively for AYSO Section 11, Areas and Regions within.

Referees can login to ONE place and quickly find and reserve ALL their home-field games regardless if they are Section 11 Extra, Area Play or even internal Regional Play.

Don't have a referee account? Please contact your Region's Referee Administrator to be setup in MatchTrak

Goal differential (blow-out) email notifications

Send an email notification if anyone scores more goals than the shown goal threshold below against an opponent.



Email addresses of who gets notified:
Send Copy To:
Winning Area Director
Circuit Gaming Point System

Score Reporting Password:

1st Standings Sorting:

Goals Aganst
Standings Point System:

Points Per Win3Points earned for the winning team
Points Per Tie1Points earned for both teams
Points Per Loss0Points earned for the losing team
Bonus Points for Shutout0Points earned by winning team in a shutout
Bonus Points Per Goal0Points earned per goal
Points Per Goal Max0Points earned only up to this many goals scored
Points Loss for Send Off1Point deducation PER send off
Goals For - Forfeit1How many goals scored will be used in a forfeit
Max Goal Diff Allowed
Tie Breakers Purposes
3If set at 3; 6-1 would count as 3 GD when calc tie breakers
Point Deduction PER GOAL for going over Max Goal Diff Allowed0If set at 1; the winner would get 1 less point per goal scored over the goal diff. 5 goal diff would mean they would only get 9 points for a 6-0 win instead of 10.

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